Australian Betting Online Horse Racing Tips

In Australia, online horse betting is one of the biggest online betting markets. Every race attracts thousands of punters from all over the country. But for the novice punter, online horse betting can seem quite intimidating. With so many horse betting tips available, online betting can seem a bit overwhelming. In reality, online horse betting is fun and relatively easy to learn; all one needs is a few good horse racing tips to get started. If you have never been to the track or had to opportunity to watch a live horse race, then this would be an ideal way to start.

Despite the wide number of bets that can be placed in horse race betting, for the novice punter, a straight out win is the best way to go. One of the best horse betting tips for beginners is to keep it simple. As a novice, your knowledge about the horses and the jockeys are limited. This means making an informed decision is less likely. Picking a winner is always going to be difficult, never mind picking the first three horses, or winning multiple horses in consecutive races. Start simple, and keep your bets small. Once you have a few win/lose bets under your belt you can move on to more complicated horse racing bets.

So how do you go about picking a winning horse? As any experienced punter knows, there are many factors that can contribute to how a horse will perform in a particular race. The more knowledge a bettor has, the higher the chances of him winning a placed bet. The following horse racing tips should be considered before placing a bet on any horse:

  • Fitness – Before any horse can be considered, a punter should determine if the horse is physically fit enough to be at or near his best.
  • Consistency – It is best to examine the horse’s record for the year and his lifetime record. If they have finished in the money 50% of the time, they can be deemed consistent. Many horses with poor consistency records cannot be heavily relied upon to run well after a previously well run race.
  • Current form –When making a final decision, it is important to determine whether the horse is in good present form. Examining the finishes of his most recent races tells you if he’s racing well and competitively.
  • Jockey – One of the most overlooked horse racing betting tips is to consider the jockey. If you check the statistic, on most tracks, a small percentage of riders win the great majority of the races.
  • Trainer – A bettor should give careful consideration to the horse trainer. Most seasoned punters know that some coaches are superior to others and there can be a large discrepancy between the best and the worst.
  • Post position – One of the least considered factors in horse racing is the post position. The post-position draw is a random drawing done after entries for every race. This can often turn a potential winner into a losing bet and vice-versa!
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Horse Race Betting Tips

Any seasoned punter would automatically consider the above the horse racing betting tips before placing a bet on any one horse. As mentioned before, the more knowledge you have, the greater the chances of you predicating a winner. When you bet, always know your horse betting odds. Use the toteboard and calculate your chances of winning verses what you know about the horses previous results. If you are keen to get started, you can find all the best Australian horse betting sites right here.